Food Camp 2023

Food Camp 2023

Food Camp is accepting new members for Lantern Burn 2023! If you’re interested in cooking, baking, making drinks, or anything else food related, email

美食營正在接受 Lantern Burn 2023 的新成員! 如果您對烹飪、烘焙、製作飲料或任何其他與食物相關的事物感興趣,請發送電子郵件至。

Joining a theme camp is a good way to experience your first Burn. Even if you’ve never been to a Burn, feel free to message us!

參加主題營是體驗您的第一次 Burn 的好方法。 即使您從未去過 Burn,也請隨時給我們留言!

Food Camp Responsibilities 的職責

Being a member of Food Camp means you camp with, travel with, and plan with Food Camp.


At the Burn, Food Camp generally has a large kitchen area with space to cook and serve food. We put our tents quite far from this. If possible, we like to have a big lounging area. We usually have some gas stoves and an oven or two, and lots of table space for preparing food.

在 Burn,Food Camp 通常有一個很大的廚房區域,可以用來烹飪和提供食物。 我們把帳篷安置在離這裡很遠的地方。 如果可能的話,我們希望有一個大的休息區。 我們通常有一些燃氣灶和一兩個烤箱,以及大量的桌子空間來準備食物。

Typically, all day, every day, there’s a Food Camp member preparing food. There’s no requirements for preparing food: Food Camp members just really like making food, so we’re usually doing that. If you’re a member of food camp, you don’t need to know anything about preparing food, you just need to be willing to help out occassionally.

通常情況下,每天都有一名美食營成員在準備食物。 準備食物沒有任何要求:美食營成員真的很喜歡製作食物,所以我們通常會這樣做。 如果您是美食營的成員,您不需要了解任何有關準備食物的知識,您只需要願意偶爾幫忙即可。

Other than helping with cooking, food camp members are expected to help plan, during the months leading up to the burn. We may meet a couple times to discuss our goals.

除了幫助做飯外,食品營成員還應該在火災發生前的幾個月裡幫助制定計劃。 我們可能會見面幾次來討論我們的目標。

During the Burn, food camp members are also expected to help construct and deconstruct the camp, as well as keep the camp clean. If you aren’t confident at cooking, one fo the best ways you can help is by doing dishes. There’s always a lot of dishes to clean!

在燃燒期間,食品營成員還應幫助建造和拆除營地,並保持營地清潔。 如果您對烹飪沒有信心,最好的幫助方法之一就是洗碗。 總是有很多盤子需要清洗!

Info 信息

What 什麼

Burning Man is an annual event focused on “community, art, self-expression, and self-reliance.” Learn more at the wikipedia page.

Burning Man 是一年一度的活動,專注於“社區、藝術、自我表達和自力更生”。 在 維基百科頁面 了解更多信息。

Lantern Burn is a “renegade regional burn.” The main Burning Man event happens in the western USA. There are also “regional burns,” events that either officially or unofficially hold a similar event outside of the USA. Unofficial events are called “renegade regional burns.” Lantern Burn is one of these. Some Burners (people who attend Burns) would argue that there’s no such thing as an “official” Burn.

燈籠燒是“叛逆的區域燒傷”。 主要的火人節活動發生在美國西部。 還有“區域燒傷”,即在美國境外正式或非正式舉辦類似活動的活動。 非官方事件被稱為“叛徒區域燒傷”。 元宵節就是其中之一。 一些 Burners(參加 Burns 的人)會爭辯說沒有所謂的“官方”Burn。

All Burning Man events follow The 10 Principles. You can read them on the Lantern Burn about page if you scroll down. There’s a Mandarin translation.

所有火人節活動都遵循十項原則。 如果向下滾動,您可以在 Lantern Burn 關於頁面 上閱讀它們。 有普通話翻譯。

Food Camp is a Theme Camp. A Theme Camp is a “group of participants who come together to provide a service, entertainment, art, or other creative interactive experience for everyone else else at Lantern Burn.” Learn more at the Lantern Burn website. There’s Mandarin translations available.

美食營是一個主題營。 主題營是“一群參與者聚集在一起,為 Lantern Burn 的其他人提供服務、娛樂、藝術或其他創造性的互動體驗。” 在 Lantern Burn 網站 了解更多信息。 提供普通話翻譯。

When 什麼時候

Lantern Burn 2023 will be held on Oct 7-10.

Lantern Burn 2023 將於 10 月 7 日至 10 日舉行。

Where 在哪裡

Lantern Burn 2023 will be held in a mountain near Yilan.

Contact 接觸

If you’re interested in joining food camp, email